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Goodness! @AshleyFurniture sure does employ some amazing individuals. Astounds me how all of these wonderful personalities seem to show themselves after this zimmerman verdict.

I’m all about Freedom of Speech as long as the offender recognizes that that freedom can oftentimes come with consequences. It’s one thing to be a ‘hate’ filled individual, but it becomes another monster when you post this type of stuff on open networks, along with your current location…and place of employment. Think twice before you post shit on social media websites, guys and gals. Some companies have NO time for your bullshit.

Thanks for being an A+ citizen, Christopher Baughman. My Black ass salutes you.

My prayer goes to the hearts of people that don’t have God given sense to research shit b4 they post. Obama ain’t filed shit on #Zimmerman. DOJ might.. But nothing has been announced. All those fake blog websites get more hits every time y’all repost it or google it. Y’all have no chill. Here’s a seat. 💺

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